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Ancona Named after the province of Ancona in Italy, specimens of this Mediterranean breed were imported into England in 1851, first the single then the rose comb.

Controversy centres around the view that Anconas are akin to the original mottled Leghorn and, therefore, a member of the Leghorn family.

The Araucana breed standard in the British Isles is generally as envisaged by George Malcolm who created the true-breeding lavender Araucana, among other colours, in Scotland during the 1930s.

Araucanas are prolific layers of strong - shelled eggs, blue or green eggs having been reported from South America from the mid - sixteenth century onwards.

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The name Asil is derived from Arabic and means ‘of long pedigree’.

Belgian bantams are old-established True Bantams, without counterparts in large breeds.

All of these breeds and varieties have many colour variations, some of them intricate and all attractive.

In different dialects it can be spelled ‘Asil’, ‘Aseel’ or ‘Asli’.

In its native land the Asil was bred to fight, not with false spurs, but rather with its natural spurs covered with tape, the fight being a trial of strength and endurance.

It is not known how long Spitzhaubens have been bred there, but the very similar Brabanter from The Netherlands was depicted in seventeenth century paintings, so Appenzeller Spitzhaubens may date from the same period.