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21-Dec-2020 21:10

Either way, I’m ready and willing to keep trying, keep exploring and keep finding ways to meet new, single guys.

Cheers, Andrea Well you’ve all met the one half of Cdn Single Girls and I figured now was a good time to let you know a bit more about me.

I’ve had my fair share of relationships although I was a bit of a late bloomer getting into the dating game.

Although I may seem outspoken I am actually painfully shy when it comes to meeting and attracting the opposite sex.

We’re pairing up with FC Edmonton again this year to offer a date and some red-hot action on the pitch at Foote Field.

Last year Andrea went on a soccer date with the winner of a Twitter contest and she had a fantastic time watching the game, getting to know her date and loving the stadium food! With friends I’ve tried brainstorming where to find guys: join a bowling league, join the Edmonton Sport & Social Club, join a dodgeball team, trivia nights, etc, etc, etc.

Until I reread the question and noticed the – “responsibly”. (This is a sticky one – sometimes a party doesn’t think to ask about the relationship status but chooses to assume monogamy or not – it is important that you read the other’s intentions and have the “convo” at an appropriate time.) 4.

Then I thought – IS it possible to date more than one person at a time without branding yourself as a cheater or worse? You don’t discuss your other dates with your current date. You only do what you are comfortable having done to you.

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Sadly our 3-day cruise was also the party cruise which meant that the drunk guys I met at the disco on Friday night were rarely sober the entire trip.This year both Felicia and Andrea want to go on an FC Edmonton date with you ~ together. I’ve been thinking of every social situation that I’ve been in lately, and if it’s the proper way to meet guys. No matter what the options I feel awkward and out of place.That’s right folks, a nice, old-fashioned double-date. Send us your sweet tweets telling us why you’d like to spend an evening getting to know us ‘single girls’ and your name will be entered into a draw for tickets to the July 13th game in Edmonton. Yep I’m single and as I ponder re-entering the dating scene again at age 33 I’ve noticed that a lot of the rules have changed since I last dipped a toe in the pool. Recently I booked a girl’s only cruise to the Baja Peninsula with some friends and I couldn’t help but wonder if people hook up on cruises.Tonight it is very quiet, I can hear the rain, the guinea pig and not much else.

I am spending time online (sadly my one true addiction) and started thinking about a friend that had admitted that he had a crush on me over a decade ago.

Hmmm, guess I will never know as I really have no intention of sharing this with him but it’s interesting to think about.

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