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15-Mar-2020 06:09

Ultimately, she says, adult children need to be given permission to grieve the loss of their family, including time to work through acute feelings of denial, sadness and anger.

While life will never be the same, Gaspard says, the good news is that it does get better.

“You don’t want to be thrust into the role of being a pseudo-parent to your parent.” This role reversal usually includes being spoken to as a friend rather than child, with one or both parents bad-mouthing the other, sharing details about their sex life or the other’s infidelity, and seeking emotional support and advice.

Adult children tolerate these difficult conversations out of a perceived obligation to their parent, despite the emotionally toxic toll it might take on them.

Common reactions include comments such as, “At least you had a family for as long as you did,” or, “You don’t live at home anymore so it doesn’t affect you.” Some adult children report unsympathetic therapists, and even parents can be shocked by their kids’ strong reaction.

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Lacking emotional support, adult children often conclude that there is something wrong with them for feeling as intensely as they do.Experts advise against this form of self-sacrifice, however, encouraging adult children to instead set boundaries with over-sharer parents.

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