Core data updating model

18-Feb-2021 18:39

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So you will have a separate class for Controller, Data Source, Core Data Provider etc..splitting them into different classes requires that you use delegation or notification to communicate between them.We do handle thousands of items in Instagram just fine, though. Though to fix that I would recommend creating your own queries to load the objects in batches (say 1k at a time or something) and then load the next slice when scrolling near the [email protected] ya if you're using hundreds of thousands of items, IGList Kit might not be your best bet today.See: Sources Kit/blob/develop/Source/Fetched Results Delegate.swift Summary: Issue answered: #407 #460 #461 I did not run any tool to generate documentation - [x] All tests pass. - [x] I added tests, an experiment, or detailed why my change isn't tested.- [x] I added an entry to the `` for any breaking changes, enhancements, or bug fixes.

, it's solid at responding to changes among a MOC stack.The relevant code looks like this: Here is a very helpful article with regard to Core Data versioning that answers your question.To sum it up in a few words, you will need to add a new model version to your project. Edit Link above has changed and will redirect you to the following link: Core Data Model Versioning and Data Migration If all else fails, google: Core Data Model Versioning and Data Migration apple developer.It might be more code (sort of duping the models) but you will end up with so much more control over your app's behavior instead of fighting Core Data's mutability. In your example IGList Diffable protocol adoption omitted.

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Is it correct for List User object to don't have this extension?

I'm almost finished with my 1.1 release of my first i OS app, in it I have made two small changes to my core data model.

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