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He visited London regularly to outfit himself with the very finest shooting equipment that could be bought.Between 18, 365 tigers and 311 leopards were killed on the Maharajah's lands.A fellow officer, Lt Davies, provides a chapter on hunting rhinoceros, wild boar and several deer species on Borneo and neighboring islands.Free e Book Life With An Indian Prince by John J Craighead & Frank C Craighead Jr (2001).

Free e Book Sporting Journeys In Africa And Asia by Philip K Crowe (1966) includes trout and masheer in Ceylon, tiger in India, trout in Kashmir, elephant and lion in Africa and tiger fish in the Zambezi.

An interview with the Sultan of Johore who related his tiger and other big game hunting exploits.

Nripendra Narayana Bhupa, Maharajah of Cooch Behar (1862 - 1911) succeeded his father at the age of one and ruled over a state in West Bengal of 1307 square miles with approximately half a million people.

The authors' previously unpublished diaries, describing their experiences while living with the royal family of Bhavnagar, India in 1940-41.

Trapping and training falcons on the shores of the Arabian Sea, coursing cheetahs and other hunting experiences.Sir Christopher George Francis Maurice Cradock (1862 - 1914) was a rear-admiral in the Royal Navy and a very keen big game hunter, who was killed in a WW1 sea battle off Chile.

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