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Named for their origin in Indiana, the Hoosier state, the cabinets were a modern variation of a 19th-century baker's cabinet design, and some late Hoosier cabinets adopted a contemporary art deco appearance.Knowledge of the Hoosier cabinet's history can help an antique buyer know whether a particular cabinet is a Hoosier-style cabinet, whether it is authentically "Hoosier" and whether it falls into the late art deco period of Hoosier cabinet development.I believe I am a victim of DIY amnesia, a condition which causes me to forget how much work something like this is, and focus on what I know the results can be.There was a tiny bit of remaining paint left from when it had been refinished previously, so I saw that the original “sea crest green” was a light, almost milk-glass sort of green.Another thing I love about antiques: they generally cost much less than a comparable piece of furniture. It had the company name, model number, and original color listed on the back, so that made my research easier.I even found the patent number on a little metal plate inside a drawer, so I looked that up and found the original patent information.Late art deco designs are comparatively rare, but they are not as sought after by collectors.

As a nod to the original color, however, I ordered jadeite milk-glass knobs from Look In The Attic to replace the ugly not-original knobs.

[FYI: I don’t think metallic paint looks exactly like the real thing, but I used it when I re-did all our kitchen cabinets year ago, and it was a far more economical option than replacing all the hinges!

] One of the drawers is warped, the cabinet has some water damage, and there are numerous nicks and cracks in the doors — but I am so pleased with how it came out. Introvert who finds joy in good books, sunshine, and authentic conversation.

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His work has appeared in the South Bend Tribune, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, Arts Everywhere magazine and many other publications. I think my fondness for these old things comes from knowing they have a rich history.