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30-Jun-2020 00:07

If you're feeling some type of way, good or bad, then address it.

The other person isn't a mind reader and chances are they have no idea how you're feeling so it's best to just air it out and be on the same page.

Even though we didn't end up with each other, it doesn't change how great of a lover he was and how perfect he was for me at that point in time.

I could have saved us both some stress had I just lived in the present moment and enjoyed my time with him." — Irene, 21"Communication is key.

But, my first boyfriend actually gave me great advice: If someone wants to make it work, they will." — Dasha, 26"In past relationships, I somehow adopted the idea that if we had to talk about an issue, we were done for.

This led to me breaking up with every guy I dated until I met my current partner.

It's important to have other people you can talk to and rely on." — Judy, 27"The best thing I learned from my first relationship is to not be so clingy.

I don't know if it was because we were in high school, but every time she didn't text me back after ten minutes after my response, I would freak the fuck out."We broke up because of that, and I learned a lot. Sure it's necessary to have daily contact to see how your SO is doing, but sometimes it is okay to go half a day without sending a text message to the other person.

You could look back on that time and groan about how immature you were, or you could recognize all of the important lessons you learned that make dating We choose to do the latter.

Most of those lessons are about maintaining a sense of independence in a relationship, prioritizing communication, and knowing what you deserve." — Katie, 25"I learned that it was extremely selfish of me to expect him to solve all my emotional problems, and that to be happy in a relationship you must first be happy with yourself.

You gotta share positivity, not burdens." — loveforthelie via Reddit."I learned so many lessons in my early relationships: Learn to communicate what you want, don't let someone else define who you are, it's important to meet halfway, but don't compromise yourself or the things you want out of the yourself or the relationship or your life, remember to enjoy your own life outside of the relationship — maintain your friendships, and don't stop doing the things you want to do for you.

Him treating you like a human with faults but overall wonderful HUMAN BEING is awesome. Being high on hormones is great, but make sure you're dating each other and not a fantasy version of each other." — Clueless Serena via Reddit."My first relationship was amazing, but I realized when my girlfriend and I broke up that I hadn't made any new friends in the three years that we were together, and I hadn't bothered to keep up with old friends, either.

Him putting you on a pedestal or treating you like an angel (everything you say is right, you cured his depression, conflict not worth talking about because you're so amazing it's worth it, and he will NEVER get anywhere close to finding anyone as good as you so if you break up he might as well give up) not cool. So in every relationship afterward, I've made sure to spend time with friends on my own, without my girlfriend.

At some point in our relationship, I decided to give this "communication" thing a shot. We talk about everything, maybe too much sometimes, but I've never been in such a healthy relationship.