Dating after ovarian cancer

23-Sep-2020 04:32

Hugs N Prayers Bonnie I think you'd find interesting men who have had their own cancer experience if you'd participate in "survivor" activities - I know I have, and I'm married, not looking!I met a man who was sitting at a picnic table at a gathering, and we found we had a lot in common, and it occured to me he was just the type of guy I was hoping to meet before I met my husband.Talk to your doctor about genetic testing and other steps you may be able to take to monitor or reduce your ovarian cancer risk, such as preventive surgery.We use advanced genomic testing to examine a patient's tumor on a cellular level.I didn't marry until I was 46, and truly do think there is someone for everyone out there.

He was by my bedside, helping to care for me until we heard the words “remission.” One year later, though, I went back for a routine scan, and Robert came with me.While I was relieved, I knew that spending all my time in the hospital during the early phases of a relationship wasn't ideal.

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