Dating chinese cash coins

26-Oct-2020 03:24

This coin had the inscription 開元通寶 ( which was the same as the coins cast during the reign of Emperor Gao Zu (高祖) of the Tang Dynasty.

However, use of these coins gradually declined and barter again became the predominant means of exchange.

The arrowhead was 55 mm long with the stem adding an additional 52 mm to the length.

(文猷備考), the royal instructions regarding the "arrow coin" can be translated as follows: "Different moneys were used in different reigns but each one suits its time.

This paper currency imitated an old Chinese note that was first issued in 1287.

Bronze coins were not cast again until the year 1423 AD during the reign of King Sejong 箭幣) was in the shape of an arrowhead which allowed it to be used as money during times of peace and as an arrowhead during times of war.

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The first coins actually minted in Korea occurred during the 15th year (996 AD) of the reign of King Songjong (成宗).

The coin has the same Chinese character inscription, 乾元重寶 (, were added to the reverse side of the coin to indicate that the coin was from Korea which is a country east of China.

There is some controversy, however, concerning who actually produced the coin since no ancient Korean historical references mention it and the coin did not appear in any coin catalogues until 1938 when a Japanese coin catalogue (東亞錢志) attributed it as being Korean.

King Sukjong (silver vases were very popular with the aristocracy for use in large-scale transactions and to pay bribes.

Unfortunately, no specimens are now known to exist.During the time Korea endured being colonized by Japan starting in 1910, Japanese coinage was used instead of Korean coinage.