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22-Mar-2020 01:37

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Salesgirls and waitresses were on public display, at first raising alarms about moral degeneracy.

Many of them aspired to the manners and style of their better-off (married) female customers: by saving up for the right clothing, and the products being churned out by the emerging cosmetics industry, a “shop girl” could catch the eye of a wealthy male patron.

“Why does it surprise anyone that many of us also opt for more flexible, ad hoc relationships, or use mobile apps that work like Uber for dating?

D., studied Latin, German, Chinese, Spanish, and French, worked in Asia, lived in Europe, taught at Yale while writing for assorted national publications, and gotten married (to the author Ben Tarnoff).

Yet her greatest accomplishment may be her ability to stand back, train that critical mind on her younger self, and reflect with brutal honestly on the driven girl who had not yet developed a true sense of female solidarity. “I’m embarrassed to say it now, but I didn’t have any particular interest in feminism until my mid-twenties.

Conversations that we had, and jokes that she made, are still all over it.” Ahern is also Weigel’s collaborator on a related project, a dating-themed film series that opened on May 4 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

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An event there on May 17 will feature a screening of the 1927 movie .Dating was central to her personal life, but often she was “so focused on being desirable, or on what I should be doing to meet certain expectations,” that she had hardly thought about her own fulfillment. In she peels back layers of history, ranging across subjects — from market capitalism, industrialization and the AIDS crisis to Tinder hookups and pre-assignation waxing — to reveal the roots of an activity that we all take for granted and too often dismiss as trivial.

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