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06-May-2020 10:02

If lack of interest in your partner emerges as the number one quality of a boring relationship, as it did for the people in the study, then you’ll proceed differently than if you believe that lack of compatibility causes boredom.

Have you lost interest in your partner as a person? Or are you still fascinated by your partner’s quirks and foibles but feel that your relationship lacks spontaneity?

If yours is at an ebb, by taking these steps, you may be able to keep it vital and fulfilled for many years to come. Get back to me when you poll some adults with some life experience.

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In fact, by addressing the boredom piece of the issue, you'll be much less likely to suffer the more deleterious consequences of conflict.They then rated the hypothetical couple on 24 of the top prototypes of relational boredom.This state reaffirmed the initial findings, as did a later experiment.Boredom can become problematic in a relationship when the steady state turns from comfort to stagnation.

According to Canadian psychologists Cheryl Harasymchuk and Beverley Fehr (2013), “relationship boredom” can take one of several forms: Regardless of the form of boredom a relationship takes, the main quality is that it’s a matter of perception.

A professional counselor can help you learn to tell the difference and get you talking in ways that keep the interest factor strong and alive in your relationship.

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