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For summaries of disciplinary actions from M-Z, click here. ALEXANDER, JOSEPH EDGAR (#313-A) ALEXANDER, JOSEPH EDGAR (#741-A) ALLEN, FREDRIC VERNON ALLEN, WILLIAM THOMAS ANDERSON, ROY ADRIAN (#714-A) ANDERSON, ROY ADRIAN (#742-A) ARMSTRONG, ALAN STARR BAIRD, ALLAN MICHAEL (#465-A) BAIRD, ALLAN MICHAEL (#765-A) BANUELOS, VICTOR M. C 18297, issued to Joseph Edgar Alexander for violations of Business and Professions Code §6775(c) for negligence in his practice of civil engineering.

You may use your browser's BACK button to return to this list to look for additional names, or you may scroll through the entire list of articles. ALEXANDER, JOSEPH EDGAR (Click here to see Accusation 313-A) Civil Engineer C 18297 Accusation 741-A Effective October 24, 2003: License revoked Effective August 26, 2005: License reinstated with conditions Disciplinary action was taken against the Civil Engineer License, No.Additionally, the test report for the density tests, which Alexander signed and sealed, failed to include required information, such as the type of structural fill soils, how such soils were conditioned prior to placement, benching dimensions, method of compaction, the date the test were taken, the method used for the tests, the foot print of the building related to the test locations, and the inspection frequency.Furthermore, the results of the density tests failed to comply with the specifications provided in the General Notes of the Grading Plan Alexander had prepared, and the Grading Plan and the Plot Plan that Alexander prepared depicted two totally different projects with different building foot prints and grading.The Board granted Alexander's petition and ordered his civil engineer license reinstated, effective August 26, 2005.

However, the license was then immediately revoked; however, the revocation was stayed, and Alexander was placed on probation for five years upon certain terms and conditions, including the requirement that he take and pass the California Special Civil Seismic Principles exam and a business practices course.In the Board's Default Decision and Order, which became effective on October 24, 2003, Alexander's Civil Engineer License was ordered revoked.