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21-Apr-2020 02:52

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I discovered quite quickly that honesty really is the best policy and I haven't experienced a rejection since.

I can't imagine someone being so thoughtless or heartless to subject me to this, knowing that he had it. RELATED: Top 10 Myths About Safe Sex and Sexual Health The dating scene was so difficult at first. But now I don't care what the reaction is—I tell everyone who needs to know.

I though about my Family, I know my Family will face a serious problem when I’m gone, I lost hope and I wept all day, but one day I was surfing the internet I found testimonies of Dr.

I slept with this really cute guy from out of state with whom I thought I was building a relationship. I learned to be honest, say it up front, and let them know that it doesn't have to get in the way of great sex.

I remember wavering on whether I believed he didn't know he had it. RELATED: Why Herpes Isn't as Bad as You May Think (and a Lot More Common) The first year, my outbreaks were wild—I had them all the time. If you tell them you want to protect them, you're building trust and helping them to have a better reaction.

When I took a mirror to it, it looked like an ingrown hair gone awry. I went to see a doctor and the doc said, "I have to take samples first, but I think it's herpes." I didn't even know what herpes was. The guy didn't have symptoms— but I wouldn't have even known what to look for. They basically said that how you deliver it is how the person is going to take it.

You can still fall in love, and someone can still fall in love with you!

Yes, you have an additional hurdle when it comes to finding new relationships.

It's not a huge deal for me, but it's something you should be aware of.There was no pressure and it wasn't a big thing but one night, as things took their natural course, and we kissed and hugged, I said, "I have to tell you something, but I don't want to freak you out.I have—I have a skin irritation, it's a disease and it's herpes.For quiet sometimes now i have realized that getting a partner who is h i v positive is quiet challenging especially in africa whereby its either people are not ready to share their status or are afraid of stigmatization.

I was in trouble when doctor told me that I have been diagnosed with Genital Herpes…But many, many people have gotten over that hurdle and are happy with their lives - including their sex lives.

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