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My daughter did get a little silly at times, throwing a crayon or pretending to bite it, but all was relatively quiet.

The two went off to play in another room, so I set the table, finished cooking, and called to them to wash their hands while I put food on the table.

The new girl There's the first time I invited a woman home to a Friday night dinner with Simone and me.

It was sixth months after our marriage had ended, and my daughter had yet to meet someone I was dating.

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We'd read picture books with Simone, and had prepared her for this day, so she was more excited than upset to walk into the empty family room after our six-hour drive from Albuquerque. Also gone were the leather couches, the big-ass TV, the queen bed (the full guest bed had been moved to the now bereft master bedroom), and sundry other items I wouldn't notice missing until I needed them days or weeks later.She screamed, she cried, she made me think I'd never be able to bring a woman home again.