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credits in NTSC - 44 changed scenes, including 23x alternative footage - Difference: 63 sec ( min) Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer should be well-known and infamous by now.Disaster Movie, the newest sorry effort of the both, has literally become a box office disaster, then torn to pieces all over the Internet." 2,7 sec - (-) In the "parody" on the "I'm fucking Matt Damon"-Song every single "fucking" has been replaced by "dating" in the PG-13. After school, at my locker, in the car I give her head. - When I get really mad I start fucking (= dating) Iron Man. And I'm fucking (= dating) Jessica Simpson 'Cause I'm on blow, blow, blow (= it's how I roll, roll, roll) - She's fucking (= dating) Jessica Simpson, oh, yeah. (The first lines from the "High School Musical" guys are the same again.) The PG-13 shows he next shot of two pupils a bit earlier while the Unrated stays with the first shot a bit longer: - It's time to get fucked (= date) - Fuck (= Date) me. Different audio from the Chipmunks: "Oh, yeah, he's fucking (= dating) the Chipmunks.The parts with differing text have been provided with alternative, yet similar footage. The following two shots of Iron Man do not differ; only the text is different - same with the first lines of the princess and her prince. ) - The bitch (= chick) who's fucking (= dating) Iron Man. And I think I might have fucked (= dated) that hot assassin. Sad to say, but it's true, he fucks (= dates) the Chipmunks, yeaaah! No time difference The outtakes during the credits have been extended as well. Not to mention your abnormally high plumber's crack." "Wolf: [after knocking out Will in Will's dream] AROOOOOH! [Will looks confused] Wolf: That is my official trademark catchphrase that I got from the web! You gotta go to some stupid ass website where you can register your catchphrase. Calvin: Shit, she gotta put up with your stank breath.

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All the other changes made have "censored for the PG rating" written all over them as well, new story extensions are nowhere to be found.Alas, all hope for the return of the good old ZAZ times with classics like The Naked Gun or Hot Shots!has already been buried and everyone has to decide for himself what to make of these cheap copycats.The last frames of the shot of his leg behind the door is in the PG-13 as well.

Unrated 0,3 sec longer - (-) As the ball flies towards Dr. Only the Unrated presents a closer shot of him falling over, while in the PG-13 the shot remains farther away and also lasts longer.Along with various poison spewing video-reviews, the battle for the top rank in the Imdb's Bottom 100 has also been a pleasure. Those who liked the already mentioned films of the infamous couple will enjoy this movie as well.

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