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20-Apr-2020 02:32

We’re excited about shipping this to all our mac OS users with version 21 of the desktop client. Is it recommended that we sync either with Mac or with Dropbox and not both? Back when I was having problems with Dropbox, I suspect it was because I was syncing with the Mac at the same time. I DO NOT use the "automatic" sync however and I have had zero problems thus far.Usually we like to start projects like this by doing lots of research. Google did have an open source project called which was essentially “Omaha for Mac,” but the last code drop was back in 2008 and it wouldn’t compile cleanly with modern XCode, so we decided not to use it. Some were in-process only, or supported only one app, or only supported Sierra (we support Dropbox on some pretty old versions of OS X) so we couldn’t use them. This gave us a lot of flexibility in the feature set, and rather than bolting stuff on after the fact, as we did with Omaha, we could build the exact system we needed.(We also didn’t have to use XML for the API 😃.) We built an “app” called Dropbox Mac Update.So .dbx_install will find the running app and ask it to exit, using a Darwin notification.The client receives the notification, ensures that the app isn’t showing UI, finishes the current sync operations, and exits cleanly.

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Basically, as part of regular file syncing, the server can send down an entry in the metadata that says, “Please update to version X with checksum Y.” The client would then download the file, verify the checksum, open the payload, replace the files on disk, restart the app and boom! This meant that the client had to be running in order to update itself.

Keeping users on the latest version of the Dropbox desktop app is critical.

A directive has several ways in which it can limit resource allocation for a consumer group.… continue reading »

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