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Now available for all i OS devices is that very first adventure, Virtual Villagers: Origins, lovingly designed by Last Day of Work. I mean seriously loves them, at least according to their lead designer.And, well, their product line, which includes the massively popular Virtual Villagers series.If it collides with one of the small "atoms" bouncing around, not only will it stop growing, it will disappear completely and you'll lose a life!Virtual Families is the latest addition to the impressive lineup of simulation games from Last Day of Work, makers of the Virtual Villagers series.

It's the perfect formula for a "just one more level" kind of game, and if you were one of the many souls who fell victim to Tiny Tower's amazing level of addictiveness, Pocket Planes might just hook you twice as hard.

High King Anduin Wrynn extends an unusual truce offering to Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner.