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Those not so named are either original, or, as the result of actual dissection and experience, have leen modified to such an extent as to justify claim to originality. Lennox Browne, and the other figures liave l^een £awn under our joint direction by Mr. "The experiments of Savart have shown that a cavity which only responds to a shrill note when its walls are firm and dry, may be made to afford a great variety of lower tones when its walls are moistened and relaxed in various degrees. 791.) " Sir Charles Wheatstone more than forty years ago drew attention to this relation of the variation in tension of a tube to a free reed, and illustrated it by the instrument known as the Jew's harp, in which the reed, being set in motion, produces one steady bass sound. 27.) Under these circumstances we are justified in declining to believe that the alterations in the length, shape, and tension of the tubes above and below the vocal ligaments are entirely without influence upon the pitch of the voice; but we are obliged to admit that it plays only a secondary part in the matter.

Sherwin, of 4 Staple Inn Buildings, whose care and skill we are happy in having secured. Original and untouched Portrait illustrating the process of Photography of the Larynx. This observation may probably be applied also to the trachea." {' Principles of Human Physiologjs' by Dr. The variation of sounds is produced wholly in proportion as the skill and will of the performer varies the cavity of the mouth so as to present a succession of volumes of air calculated to vibrate the different multiples of the primary bass sound. The question is admirably summed up by Helmholtz in the following words : " In the larynx the tension of the vocal chords, which here form the membranous tongues, is itself variable, and determines the pitch of the tone.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Their outer walls are chiefly formed of loose, fatty, cellular tissue, and they are almost entirely surrounded by a multitude of minute glands. DIFFERENCES OF THE LARYNX IN CHILDREN, WOMEN, AND MEN.Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. The Cartilages op Santorim, so called after their discoverer, are two small pliable cartilages attached to the summits of the pyramids which they protect from the pressure of the lid striking against them in the act of swallowing. The larynx of a newly-born baby is about a third the size of that of a woman, but it appears smaller because it is closer to die tongue-bone than at a later period, and its outer surface, consisting of the two plates of the shield cartilage, forms a very insignificant curve instead of that acute angle which we notice in the larynx of men.Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. Side View of the Voice-box or Larynx, showing the external muscles «. In accordance with this function they have been named the " buffer cartilages." (' The Throat and its Functions.' Louis Elsberg, M. The voice-box grows very rapidly up to the third year, and less quickly up to the sixth, and from this time up to the fourteenth or fifteenth year there would seem to be no alteration in its proportions, and it is very much the same in boys as in girls.Wyllic's support of this theory rests on garbled quotations, 199. Resonance, 201— Examples of power to reinforce feeble sounds by resonators. Amusements, ibi —What may be allowed, and whi;h avoided — Lastly: Habits, 263-5 moking — S nu ff-taking. " In the use of brass instruments the different form and tension of the lips of the player act only to determine which of the proper tones of the tube I THE VOICE AS A Af USICAL INSTRUMENT.

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— Resonance of vocal tone modified in five different directions : I. The Ailments of the Voice-User Special colour given by vocation to all general disorders — Most ailments functional and due to disturbance of general health or fault of professional exercise — Catching cold, 2ji~Sore throat or relaxed throat, 272 — Pharyngitis, or inflamed throat, 273 — Clergyman's sore throat, 274 — Useless advice of rest without treatment, 275 — Elongated orrelaxed uvula, 275 — Symptoms and treatment— Refutation of objections to snipping in appropriate cases — Enlargement ej Ihc tonsils, 27S — Its injurious effects on the voice, articulation, and respira- 268 — 287 tion, and on senses of hearing, smell, and taste— Operation, and testimony in support of its advisability — Laryngeal Iroublcs, 281 — Reasons lor not considering them at length — Loss of voice, 2^1 — Symptoms and treatment — Cautions as to dan- gerous and patent remedies — Common head cold, 284 — Nervousness, 285— Concluding remarks, 286. 91 shall speak ; the pitch of the individual tones is almost entirely independent of the tension of the lips." (Helm- holtz, op. 149.) We have thus fully reviewed the nature of reed instru- ments with flexible and with membranous tongues, and we must now compare their leading characteristics with those of the human voice.

On Defects of Speech : Stammering and STtrr TEWNG , . We see at once the vast difference between reeds and the vocal ligaments, inasmuch as the latter " have the advantage over all artificially constructed tongues of allowing the width of tlieir slit, their tension, and even their form to be altered at pleasure with extra- ordinary rapidity and certainty" (Helmholtz, op. 147), which is equally true of the vocal ligaments as compared with the human lips in playing upon brass instruments. This is proved without the shadow of a doubt by the fact, first discovered by Bonders, and afterwards worked out more accurately by Helmholtz, Merkel, Koenig, and others, that the cavity of the mouth for diff^erent vowels is tuned to different pitches.

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