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13-Oct-2020 02:52

It is undesirable even if you can verify that the URL used is not spoofed.

And this was the person who was Bill Clinton Chief of Staff (1998-2001) -- so the person as close to trained in computer security professional as one can get.

Typically those guys who suspect that their phones are listened behave more carefully.

Putting a cell phone into a metal and metal mesh box completely disables the communication with the tower.

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So when I read that some high level honcho emails were exfiltrated (directly via broken password, or indirectly or special interface in software) and published the only reaction is -- Ohh God, yet another idiot was caught in this net and now will pay for his transgressions.

Social sites, especially "Fecebook" skillfully promote what can be called "" People affected generally get what they deserve, but some teenagers paid with their life for this blunder.