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07-Nov-2020 11:53

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Have you run RSOP on the machine or use Group Policy Result Wizard in GPMC. Replace isn't ideal bandwidth wise as every 2 hours all computers in the scope of my GPO will be copying these files across the network I only the GPO to do it if the destination doesn't match the source.. Replace does work, however if the file source doesn't already exist then the file can't be updated. I understand and do not take any offense to comments.The Update action at least creates the file and then ... Text and Messages can come across in a weird way and you have to look at them with a clear mind. That's actually why it's called "Game PREVIEW" equivalent to "Early Access" on other platforms.Please just keep in mind what you're playing before crying around next time, that theres a bug.- Xbox One: New account linking flow - Fixed module hit locations for all ships, improving layout and correcting oversized/overlapping setups - Fixed a bug with the tea traders to allow them to trade tea in Star systems exploited by a Power - Fixed buying exploration data when then only thing a Commander knows about a star system is its name - Improved Powerplay cache behaviour for Players connecting within a couple of minutes after weekly maintenance - Support multiple conflicts within a given starsystem.However, one minor faction can still only be involved in a single conflict, no matter how many starsystems they're present in.

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Now uses the standard 3 sig fig instead of rounding to the nearest km - Stop mission messengers from constantly spawning and talking to players - Reduced the size of the anacondas powerplant hit - Enforce minimum of 10 credits to hull repair cost check - Fixed the missing texture on Vulture debris, and increased explosion speed of drifting debris - Added 'Shader preparation on startup' option to the 'graphic options' screen - Re-mapped part of the back of the landing pad skirts to break up the repetition of a texture - Police Hunter Hostile ships will scan their target after interdicting it, rather than opening fire immediately - Increase health values for Diamondback cockpits - Updated the pirate lord to have a better pirate-y loadout, he had no interdictor or cargo scanner - Galaxy Map Trade Route 'Clear' button cannot be easily access via gamepad fixed - 'Recovering' minor faction state progress added to UI - Don't reduce powerplay ships when in a taking control state - Fix cargo losing it's powerplay origin when eject-and-collected - Derive the number of visible stars from the galaxy map graphics setting - Updated Warthog control scheme to allow full galaxy map and system map control with the joystick only - Predicted CC news items added - Discard cargo dialog now supports 3 digits - Fix floating point inaccuracy with large fuel tanks and fuel consumption - Bulletin board now shows which major faction a mission is related to - Prevent mines and missiles from jumping vast distances when they shouldn't - Fix missing asteroids in thin rings.

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