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07-May-2020 02:54

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If you’ve upgraded to Windows 7 as your workstation OS, you’ve probably also noticed that those RDP connections are now no longer remembering your passwords for connections that connect to Windows Server 2008 or Server 2008 R2.

One of the main tools to configure user and system settings in Windows is the Group Policy Objects (GPO).

https:// Reviewing NPS logs to identify any potential auth failures - nothing standing out Local event viewer on client machine - again nothing out of the ordinary Multiple device types (we've replicated this on a Surface Pro 4, and a Lenovo X131e - both do not display this problem in 1511, however when updating to 1709 they cease connecting automatically).

We had a suspicion this may have been related to 802.1x, and so created a WPA2-PSK network for testing.

In our client's environment, it is important that we continue to use 802.1x based wireless authentication, as this allows us to easily revoke access when a user leaves - and also ties into our Firewall for transparent authentication to access the Internet.

If you’re like me you use RDP all of the time, You’ve probably got tons of RDP icons with the passwords saved in each one so that you can quickly bounce into all of the servers you are managing.

Incorrect configuration of the Group Policies can result in more serious problems, like inability to start snap-in or even all programs, the loss of the administrator privileges, or a restrict to local logon. This section describes how to forcefully reset all current Group Policy settings in Windows.

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In this article we show several methods for resetting the settings of local and domain group policy to default values.

Client updates to Windows 10 1709 Same group policy is in use Client is no longer authenticated to wireless network at logon screen. Client is dropped to desktop, not connected to the wireless network.

Client clicks on wireless icon, selects the same wireless network, hits connect, and is able to connect manually.

When you close the GPO editor, the changes you make are written to the files.

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After updating the group policies (using the To reset all current settings of the local group policies, you must delete the files in the Group Policy directory.This instruction is universal and can be used to reset the GPO settings on all supported versions of Windows: starting with Windows 7 and ending with Windows 10, and for all versions of Windows Server (2008 / R2, 2012 / R).