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24-Jul-2020 21:06

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We were mystified to see Jason at the farmer’s market pushing a double stroller full of purchases – and no children in sight.

In fact, his kids, Marlowe, 8, and Una, 4, are way too old for a stroller.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News We love celebrities who love their dogs and aren’t too self-important to walk them.

Nicollette Sheridan’s husbands and boyfriends may come and go, but her dogs always remain first in her heart and she takes them everywhere.

She’s expected to get physical with Keanu’s character and not in a good way… French President Emmanuel Macron, who is very tech savvy, arranged the summit because he believes that with power comes social responsibility.

He emphasized that he welcomes innovation but also regulation and working for the common good.

As automation replaces jobs he wants employers to be responsible for retraining employees and focusing on the most at-risk segment of the population.

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It was a quick in and out- Halle did what she had to, and has already flown back home.The former would have a relationship with stripper Blac Chyna? Our architectural expert friend Steven Price posted this video on Facebook: An LA architect named Michael Lehrer managed to keep a straight face while Chyna described her “dream house” – including a sex room.The fact that Blac Chyna has no intention of building a house – never mind the cost – is never mentioned in this startling video.So we’re guessing that Jason uses their old stroller like a shopping basket for his fruits and vegetables…

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Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA Remini aims to put an end to abuse in religions.He joins Amy and Bai, as well as Lindsay Lohan's father Michael, former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler, Jeremy Jackson, who played Hobie Buchannon in Baywatch as Hobie Buchannon and reality TV star Jessica Kiper.

My heart marries, my eyes smile, and my face glows, ONLY because I’ve found a way to make my life a lot simpler, and that is, by putting the interests and desires of people around me above those of mine. but I know I can be fun to be around with, I’m an easy going kind of man.… continue reading »

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That in mind I am very new to the Vernon area so I don't have many friends here at the moment. I love my family and my nephew means the world to me!… continue reading »

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