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19-Jun-2020 20:17

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Is Mary, actual Mary, dater of disappointing Jim, earner of mediocre marketing pay, actually welcome in your life, or do you only interact with the version of her you wish she would be?You are worried that Jim will hurt her someday, but if you constantly undermine her choices when you’re together the way you do in your letter, the person hurting Mary is you.Six, I am scared that Jim will pressure Mary to do sexual things.I have already warned her that her purity is an important gift from God, but I am so scared that she will ignore my pleas.Three, Mary has a masters degree whereas Jim has only his bachelor’s.I feel that he will come to resent my daughter for having a higher education since he is the man in the relationship (and I have seen many relationships end because of this).I saw your response on your website and thank you for writing back but I don’t think you understand.

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What about peer pressure from hanging out with his family and his friends?

I need help in making her realize that Jim is not a good person for her and that she will suffer in the long run as a result from being with him.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.… continue reading »

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PLATO had been designed for classroom use; according to its creators’ original plans, “communication between people would play [only] an incidental role.” But as more people signed on to the community, its participants began to notice something striking: In the freewheeling, pseudonymous realm of PLATO, people began to form highly personal, social connections that had nothing to do with academics. “People met and got acquainted in Talkomatic, and carried on romances via “term-talk” and Personal Notes,” one of its creators, David Woolley, wrote in his 1994 history of the program. Many people traveled to Urbana to see the lab and meet those of us who worked there …… continue reading »

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) Gina Lollobrigida herself, absolutely gorgeous at 30, the most beautiful curves in the history of film, full of energy, looking out for herself as a young widow from Brooklyn who returns to the old country.… continue reading »

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