How to find husband on dating websites

03-Mar-2020 17:14

My friends met their husbands online, some are doctor, lawyer, and well educated.They had no problem dating in real life, but their life are too busy, online is the way for them to communicate.I know there are more bad people online then good, but it still happens.

I also know couple that does not work and broke is part of life. We have been together 2.5yrs and are have a beautiful vintage/garden wedding in September. Wrongs in disguise online before I found my prince charming. What will happen statistically speaking is you will meet, move very fast and within 3 years (a year earlier than typical "traditional" hook ups) you will fail----miserably.

I dated people in real life, I met them everyday and they still cheated and lied to my face.

When I dated my husband online, I could share my thoughts everyday and we listened to each other.

A real relationship takes a long time to build, many hours of being around a person to know their quirks and excentricities, but beyond that it's also the day to day or date to date experiences which you share.

Watching people online chat, on a web cam ect is not a valid form of "love".

He called me every single day like a real life boyfriend. I invited everyone to my party before he came to visit me. My parents was having heart attack but he called and told them he was very serious. When someone is real, they are real, there is no doubt even online. Online relationship can work only if two people are genuine.

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