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19-May-2020 18:43

was unanimously approved by the Parliament on 23 September 2003 and went into force in November 2003.

In Australia, the Freedom of Information Act 1982 was passed at the federal level in 1982, applying to all "ministers, departments and public authorities" of the Commonwealth.

They establish a "right-to-know" legal process by which requests may be made for government-held information, to be received freely or at minimal cost, barring standard exceptions.

Also variously referred to as open records, or sunshine laws (in the United States), governments are typically bound by a duty to publish and promote openness.

50 of 2008), based loosely on the Indian Right to Information Act, 2005.

A basic principle behind most freedom of information legislation is that the burden of proof falls on the body asked for information, not the person asking for it.

In Canada, the Access to Information Act allows citizens to demand records from federal bodies.