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Sheer close-to-shore walls are covered with sponges of all sizes and the heavily encrusted deep-water seamounts attract pelagic creatures, including five species of shark. You’ll be diving Table Rock Lake from the Di Ventures boat at State Park Marina.

Sea Saba’s experienced crew will tailor our dive sites to the day’s conditions and diving abilities. The lake is full of interesting dive sites and above average water conditions.

We’ll experience reef dives like Molasses Reef, Elbow Reef and French Reef, all located within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and Pennekamp State Park.

These protected areas offer an opportunity to encounter turtles, southern stingrays, goliath groupers and other native species.

It’s exclusively for diving, no boating or fishing is allowed. I just wanted to mention how much it meant to me that your dedicated instructors took the extra time to make my youngest comfortable with going into the water.On the way home she told me she loves her new water friends. Join Trip Leader Janna Binder on a trip where we’re guaranteed to see beautiful, healthy coral that is full of life.Favorite wrecks include the Gillen Tug and Prins Willem.

Temperatures above the thermocline rise to between 60-70 degrees during the summer. Generally, it is 35 to 40 feet, but at times it may exceed 100 feet...

Items to look for include: Flamingo, a sunken houseboat, an old USMC dump truck, an original rock crusher, a 50’s firetruck, and the tricycle graveyard.

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