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The front panel (the lens side) will come off freely, but be very careful with the back panel.There is a ribbon cable connecting the display to the camera.The camera problem was that it had the lens stuck open in the extended position.As a result, the camera was nonfunctional and the display showed the error message “System Error (Zoom)”.

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First, turn the camera off and remove the battery if you haven’t already.Much as I had suspected, the pinion and circular rack had gotten stuck at the end of its range.I can’t be sure how this came about; certain battery conditions or other error conditions may have caused it, but regardless, it was repairable in the following way.Filed under: Uncategorized — Tags: camera repair, camera sensor dust, digital camera repair, DMC-ZS8, dust on sensor, dust removal from sensor, lens error, lens error repair, Lumix, Panasonic Lumix, repair, System Error (Zoom), zoom error — admin @ pm Recently I was looking for a cheap pocket camera with a big zoom range to keep handy in my pocket for going to the dog beach with Gimli and other adventures.

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I happened to spot one of my candidate cameras, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS8, in “Not Working” state on e Bay.

Next up, you will need to remove the 3 black Philips screws in the corners of the chrome metal shield plate over the back of the lens and sensor. Next, disconnect the two approx 1.5cm wide ribbon cables from the black lens assembly to the main camera circuit board by pulling on them gently. (These need to be removed so that you will be able to remove and work on the lens.) Then, remove the 3 silver Philips screws in the black lens and sensor assembly that hold it to the camera.