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06-Apr-2020 21:12

On March 30, 2000, I have found IPC (Iran Politics Club).Since then, I had the pleasure to work with some of the greatest minds of Iran.The best way to do this task, is by drafting the technology and power of Internet to transfer our message to Iranians and Friends of Iran, globally.The best way to do this task is to mass educate the new Iranian Generation inside and outside Iran to their own historical and cultural truth.Since 1979 The AIOG and the Islamic Regime have done their best to destroy anything Iranian and to promote everything Arabo-Islamic!Today, our culture and existence as Iranians are under the Islamic Boots!I have been political since age 11, yet I have been politically active since 1979.Since then, I have been a part of Iranian Resistance and Opposition.

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Our youth is bombarded with Arabtoxication in Inxile and Westoxication in Exile!

Your children in Exile are forgetting their culture and cannot even speak Persian!

Your children in Inxile have turned to half-breed abominations, strangers to their own Iranian culture!

We need to educate the new generation and enlighten them about their Iranian Roots, Culture, Traditions, Celebrations, History and Philosophy.

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Iran has been invaded, occupied and raped by Islam in two separate occasions, fist in 651 AD when Mohammedan Goons and their murdering saints (Omar, Ali, Hassan, Hussein, etc.) killed our fathers, raped our mothers, enslaved our brothers and shipped our sisters to Mecca as concubines.You can surf around and view my various graphic designs, cartoons, animations, poetry, writings and books in IPC.

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