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Instead, his eyes show a strong hint of tiredness, perhaps from lack of sleep due to worry or fear, and his smiles were not as open as they were when he was seen in public with Moon a month ago.""Trump did not take the bait.Rather, he played an ace in the hole with an act of typical trump brinkmanship, sending an open letter telling the young dictator, who is half Trump's age, that he would not mind if Kim did not come to Singapore. Hours later, Pyongyang issued a statement virtually apologizing to Trump and asking him to reconsider.""So it was not Kim who played Trump ? If there was any doubt about this, President Moon made it clear.They did not say a single word about any reciprocal concessions."In other words, Trump Administration officials made it quite clear that the President would require North Korea to unilaterally surrender all nuclear weapons and all ballistic missiles.The park has recorded 171 major eruptions of Steamboat since 1878, the year of its first known eruptions. One evening this past March, park employees reported seeing the first major eruption in nearly four years. As of Friday, there had been five recorded major eruptions in 2018, already making it the busiest year for Steamboat since 1984."When one considers this sudden resurgence in geyser activity in conjunction with the volcanic and earthquake activity in the entire "Ring of Fire" Pacific area, then you can realize that, just perhaps, the massive resurgence in Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano, demonstrates that Steamboat Geyser's erupting is linked to the Hawaiian Kilauea Volcano! After all, Farrakhan is strongly hinting at the complete genocide of all white men. What Louis Farrakhan is calling for is the seizing by force of all property, all businesses, and all government officials owned by whites.Why isn't Liberal Mass Media crawling all over him for this blatantly hateful speech? Blacks accomplished this in Rhodesia and that country fell immediately from one of the most efficient and affluent nation on earth to a third-world country.For the Christian, Good News is coming out of the bad, so preach the Word and share the Gospel NOW! Signs of the Age which He told us to look alertly for are coming to pass, in our Daily News!For the Christian, Good News is coming out of the bad, so preach the Word and share the Gospel NOW!

North Korea tried talking tough, only to see President Trump be unfazed and to pull out of the June 12 Summit!the Gaza Strip Tuesday in retaliation for a mortar barrage on Israel's south ...