Lds dating fireside ideas

12-Feb-2020 02:47

Isn’t that what an average teenager would be doing right now?

Well, maybe an average teenager, but you, my friend, are not an average teenager.

Knowledge and mastery of both self and environment through obedience to divine law is the basis of eternal progression.

Thus in Mormon dogma education not only helps man in this life, it also assists him in his quest to achieve perfection and become godlike in the next.

Read More Elder Hadley shook my hand eagerly and then reached for my suitcase.

“Here, let me help you with that.” I smiled gratefully as I buttoned up my coat against the cold Japanese air. I feel like I’ve been packing it for hours.” “I know,” Elder Hadley said.

You are every bit as wonderful as you’ve been told you are.

So, congratulations for going against the grain and reading a book, but I have to warn you about something: this is a chapter with a challenge; and you are such a remarkable teenager that you will probably accept the challenge and finish it to the end.

I didn’t think I was ever going to make it.” My new companion led me out of the train station and strapped my suitcase to the back of his own bicycle. ” Read More It is always a marvel to listen to recently returned missionaries give their homecoming talks.But, sadly, in many cases they are on sale at the cheapest shops and at the cheapest prices. LDS theology views life essentially as an educational process.