Liquidating business inventory

24-Nov-2020 15:33

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Retail management consultant Judy Crockett says that this could be an excellent way to freshen up your merchandise.

Try to refresh your marketing and merchandising efforts when it comes to your slow-moving stock.

Or, if you have a ton of merchandise that you need to get rid of, consider running a store-wide event and aim to draw crowds to your store.

Judy recommends hosting a high-impact event with “lots of bells and whistles” to attract customers.

“It may not be that the product is a poor seller; it could be your staff does not like the product, so they do not sell it. When this happens, talk to your associates, re-train them, or find better ways to boost morale and motivate them.

Bonus resource: Need additional tips and examples on how to refresh, remerchandise, and remarket?We’ve got you covered with this instructional video.

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