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05-Jun-2020 01:07

On the plus side, it’s easier to separate the genuine types from the f***boys, so there’s always that.And gone are the days where people endure unhappy, loveless marriages out of a sense of loyalty or for the sake of kids.That said, the blogger formerly known as Roissy has put out the best relationship advice for men that you can find on the internet.The truth is, relationships — like life — are messy.When my parents and grandparents were wed, relationships were a much simpler deal.As outdated and sexist as it is, until the last quarter of the 20th century the marital dynamics saw women have children and raise them as a stay-at-home parent, while the man went out to work.The secret to a lasting relationship or marriage is that both parties have to be committed.Where there is a commitment, there is potential for a lasting union.

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There is, after all, limited time to impress during a whizz through someone’s awkwardly-worded profile.At times, it will seem as if you and your significant other are on top of the world, fated to be together.