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19-May-2020 05:38

Sadly this seems to be unfortunate plight in today's world.

Thus, no real surprise when divorce rates rises, there are more single men now not wanting to marry, and men's voice also gets muted in this process.

Many went crawling back to judgmental parents who would say to them "you made your bed marrying that no-good, now you lie in it." Pre-pill, a woman was also a slave to her biological nature.

Other methods of birth control were kind of Russian roulette, so she had to guard herself to the death until she got married (a pregnant unmarried woman was the equivalent of a leper - many large families who happened to have a daughter get pregnant, she would disappear for a number of months, then her mother would claim the baby as hers and raise the child as the real mother's sibling). In order to be considered a feminist, you had to hate men.

Any firm limit or boundary you need to set can be set with kindness. One of the major contributors to this predicament, in my opinion, is the toxic behaviour of women in marriage encouraged and influenced strongly by the radical feminism ideology.

He may close the door on the conversation by announcing, "I don't want to talk about it." This only invites his partner to anxiously pursue and, when that fails (which it will), to coldly withdraw. It's never too late to use your relationship as a laboratory to experiment with new behaviors.

In this modern age, this in someway has been misconstrued by society as the only best way or the ‘right’ purpose in Life, in time compelling most women to desire to be like men, as if, that is the only right way to live life, of course for most men it might be but certainly not for everyone.