Men who give up dating

15-Jan-2021 20:19

Suzanne Venker’s article, “The War on Men,” which appeared on the website of Fox News in late November, has become a lodestone for feminist writers who have attacked her position that the institution of marriage is threatened, not enhanced, by the supposed gains of the feminist movement over the last 50 years. She points out that for the first time in US history, the number of women in the workforce has surpassed the number of men, while more women than men are acquiring university degrees. This new phenomenon has changed the dance between men and women,” Venker wrote.

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Since 1960, the number of married adults has decreased from 72 percent to 51 today and the number of new marriages in the U. The declines in marriage are “most dramatic” among young adults.The number of young adult men saying the same thing dropped from 35 percent to 29 percent in the same time.