Million dollar club dating service

10-Sep-2020 07:12

This week, former “Teen Mom,” Farrah Abraham and retired Marine, Scott Baldwin checked into the Millionaire’s Club in hopes of checking out with their soul mate.

WE caught up with them after the show to learn more about their experiences, and here’s what WE learned.

Simply put, it aims to help celebrities figure out why their relationships have so many issues, and help them find new love.

And out of the pairs that were put together over the course of Season 1, though, it's worth wondering: are any of the Million Dollar Matchmaker couples still together?

I truly believe that with her help she gave me the confidence to go out there and find love.” Farrah Abraham has spent the last seven years in the public eye which has made it difficult for her to find love.

She’s definitely made some mistakes in her past, but Patti was determined to turn Fallen Farrah into Fabulous Farrah.

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Here’s what he had to say about his experience off camera: “What I learned about myself from this experience is what I am really looking for in a match.

Since the show was about the individuals growing and learning more than specific couples staying together, some of the successful dates may have not blossomed into full relationships — but overall, I think Stanger's advice really did help most of the people featured on the show's first season.

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