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B Geology/Physics-Mathematics - Brown University Sc. M Climate Physics and Chemistry - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph. Earth & Planetary Science – UC Berkeley At SFSU since 2013 Phone: 415-338-1209 Office: 610 E-mail: [email protected] and/or Teaching Area: Climate change, reconstructions of past climates (particularly from tree rings), interactions of human societies and climate over the last ~4000 years, response of the global rain patterns to global warming, the annual cycle of climate variability.

My research focuses on how to separate natural climate variability from human-induced climate change in the observational record.

My interest for these topics arise due to their impact on the transport and fate of sediments, oxygen, nutrients, larvae, as well as dispersion of pollutants, and hence affecting the health of marine ecosystems. Geology - University of California, Berkeley (1968) M. Geography/Climatology - University of California, Berkeley (1970) Ph.

In my research, I use a combination of different tools to study the coastal ocean dynamics, such as underwater gliders, moorings, shipboard data, satellite remote sensing (sea surface temperature, ocean color, winds, altimetry), High-Frequency land-based radars (measures surface currents), and numerical simulations using the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS). D Geography/Climatology - University of California, Berkeley (1979) At SFSU since 1979 Phone: (415) 338-7728 Office: TH 621 Geosciences Web Site Manager E-mail: [email protected] Research and/or Teaching Area: Synoptic and mesoscale meteorology, severe weather, weather analysis and forecasting, coastal zone meteorology I have been interested in unusual storms since my childhood, particularly after the disastrous storms of 1955 caused so much flooding in California.

Although severe and unusual storms in California remained an interest of mine that blossomed into an area of research, my specific research thrust lies in the area of tornadic thunderstorms, particularly tornadic supercells.

Since 1991, I have published eight studies in the refereed literature, have had seven conference presentations and four Technical Memoranda publlished by the National Weather Service in the area of tornadic storms in California.

Are global upwelling regions linked through changes in the ventilated thermocline? The aspects of historical faulting, paleoseismology, and chronostratigraphy of the central Nevada seismic belt we presented seemed to go over pretty well too. students on interesting local projects such as: documenting the active nature and style of deformation along the (blind) Serra thrust fault in southwest San Francicso (Drew Kennedy); Tectonic geomorphology and paleoseismic behavior of the southern Rodgers Creek fault (Carrie Randolph-Loar); correlation and uplift rates of late Pleistocene marine terraces along the Seal Cove fault (Mitch Monroe); Geophysical mapping of serpentinite bodies in the San Francisco Presidio (Joe Pesche); and mapping and Ar/Ar dating of coast range volcanic rocks at Burdell Mountain with implications for long-term offset on the East Bay fault system (Rick Ford). In particular, my research focuses on processes that affect groundwater quantity and quality.

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Therefore, it is critical to improve understanding of groundwater interactions within the global water cycle, supports ecosystems and society, and responds to complex human activities that are coupled to natural-climate variability (such as the El Niño/Southern Oscillation) and human induced climate change.Because we have been routinely measuring surface temperature over most of the world's land surface for less than 150 years, indirect methods of inferring temperature must be employed if we are to build the long records necessary to fully understand the scale of human influence on global climate.

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