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If you need some help figuring out how to add the required DNS records and your DNS host isn't listed in Create DNS records for Office 365, first gather the information you need to create Office 365 DNS records.

Then use the general steps in this topic to set up your domain's DNS records so you can use your domain with Office 365 services, like email.

If you don't have a website that you use with your custom domain, you can have Office 365 set up and manage DNS records for your domain instead of doing all the setup yourself.

Learn about the two options for setting up and managing DNS records for a custom domain in Office 365.

Before you use your domain with Office 365, we have to make sure that you own it.

Check the drop-down menu for your DNS hosting provider and follow the instructions to update all the necessary DNS records.In most cases, this would be a Storage Area Network (SAN), which generally start at US,000.For those who want to become familiar with Oracle RAC 11 Release 2 system using commercial off-the-shelf components and downloadable software at an estimated cost of US,200 to US,700.Now that you've added the record at your domain registrar's site, you'll go back to Office 365 and request Office 365 to look for the record.

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When Office 365 finds the correct TXT record, your domain is verified.

Add an MX record so email for your domain will come to Office 365.