Offline timed out when updating

23-Jun-2020 14:11

Therefore, with this method, you may need to correct data and re-upload the file or manually select mismatched titles.9.

Make any necessary adjustments to the information about the titles.

Although our uploading system can handle large files, there is a chance that on occasion your upload file will be larger than 65 MB, in which case you will get an error that says something like "Upload Status: Rejected: Total size One option is to upload only the titles you subscribe to, often times this will make the upload file much smaller.

Note that if your Intota profile currently displays a number of tracked titles for the database, make sure you do the below step in addition to removing the Not Tracked titles from your upload file: indicates that the file uploaded and processing the file has begun.

Older DVRs and NVRs may not work well with the newer software and the original PSS would perform better.

If you use Cloudflare Railgun, Error 524 can also manifest if the time specified by defaults to 30 seconds, so if you're seeing 524 errors with Railgun enabled, try setting this value higher.Low memory or a high CPU load could signal a resource problem.