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25-Apr-2020 21:14

She was constantly messaging him on Snapchat and I thought it was suspicious so I had him delete her! But she added him once again and has been talking to him for weeks!This HOMEWRECKER is known for friending husbands and boyfriends so be on the lookout for this nasty skank.The nudity might be the hook, and also, yay for hot people being naked, but it's weird how quickly one becomes acclimated to it—thanks to Maltease's smart, clear, and commanding reading of , for example, I was both surprised and kind of proud of myself when I realized I was paying more attention to Sagan's ideas than to Maltease's body.

Stupid as hell she was to even take the loser guy back!!!!

This broad got her friends messeging me saying they have tons of pictures to prove they were together. Then she slashes the tires on my truck, and writes a statement on me. Daniel barely sees his child because he is too busy cheating on his wife, snorting cocaine and adderall, doing molly and other drugs with Betsy.

Daniel and Betsy have some things in common where they look picture perfect on the outside, but get off to secretly doing things.

(It's also worth noting that the crowd seemed to be evenly split between men and women, and everyone there was cool, i.e., not lecherous pervs.

The steep price of admission—-25—probably has a lot to do with that, but it was still kind of remarkable that the only time anyone shouted "WHOOOOOO!I won’t say he is a sex offender but he clearly didn’t stop until she flipped out.