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A special feature in this edition highlights the variations in the Willow pattern, which are often mixed in with the traditional Willow patterns and confuse collectors.

Willow Pattern China Collectors Guide by Veryl Marie Worth (formerly Jensen), pub. The book features collections of Tim & Kim Allen, Dennis Crosby, and Joyce and Bill Keenan, all from Richmond, Virginia. Blue Willow, Revised 3rd Edition (An Identification and Value Guide) by Mary Frank Gaston, pub. Over 650 color photographs of bowls, ashtrays, plates, pitchers, vases, platters, sugar bowls, and much more are included. B1 is Alphabetical listing: Primary Potters by initials and name.

Addition: The unmarked teapot stand is artificial porcelain made by New Hall.

The Boy on a Buffalo pattern is all line-engraved pearlware, c.

Crook retailer came from the two-handled dish on page 45.

There are 16 additional pages in color showing later examples of landscape as well as non-landscape designs. Blue Willow, Revised 2nd Edition (An Identification and Value Guide) by Mary Frank Gaston, pub. Willow Ware (Ceramics in the Chinese Tradition) by Leslie Bockol, pub. The Story and Legend is well-treated with poems and stories used by many different pottery companies and focusing on the Doulton story plates.

The book also includes a Glossary of Terms, Shape Index and a schedule of different pattern names for Willow patterns used by the manufacturers and/or researchers as well as a comprehensive Bibliography. International Willow Collector’s Convention Catalog 2006 to Present.

The major part of the book is the catalog of over 400 manufacturers with marks, photos, reprints of ads from “The Pottery Gazette”, brief histories and type of willow made. Photos by Scot Rogers; Text: Connie Rogers; Layout & Design: Jeff Siptak; Coordination: Nancee Rogers.

There is a section listing Retailers and Importers with special backstamps (marks), and another dealing with wares with unattributed marks.

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An Index of Potters’ Initials on Marks identifies the company using the initials. No attempt was made to correct information given if there is no willow illustrated for that company. A special feature of the book is a reprint of Charles Dickens’ 1852 magazine article on a visit to a pottery and his opinion of the Willow Pattern. There is no index, so it is sometimes difficult to find specific pieces. Collecting Blue Willow (Identification & Value Guide) by M. It would be good for readers to take Missy’s advice and consult Geoffrey Godden’s Encyclopedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks if they are interested in more information about marks on English willow and Lois Lehner’s comprehensive book for American marks information. Dating Blue Willow and collecting Blue Willow are discussed, and all known marks are illustrated. Almost half of the book is devoted to lists such as Patterns by potters, as well as Appendices B1-B15. Additions and Corrections to Willow Ware, Ceramics in the Chinese Tradition: p.