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This is, however, the process that it laid out on its website (if you managed to track it down).

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But it took a lot of digging to come up with the solution surrounding account and profile deactivation — and full-blown account removal from the service.

After doing the research and walking through the complex process, it is apparent that Facebook has done it’s very best to prevent its customers from leaving.

Whatever the reason, it’s obvious some no longer trust the social giant, and I keep hearing the same question over and over again from my readers:and You would think the answer would be fairly straightforward.

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Seriously the “real” good news is there IS a way to delete your account. ”I think it’s pretty obvious by now Facebook doesn’t consider you a customer from a customer service point-of-view.

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Deep in the bowels of the Facebook help center, you can find the URL that will permanently delete your Facebook account. Facebook is in the data business — more specifically, your data, and it will go to great lengths to keep information including your employment, school history, friends, network, photos, tagged face, etc…

By deactivating your Facebook account, you’re merely disabling your ID, however, all your data remains on Facebook servers.