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They really started to bond around Louise's 40th birthday, when the family quit the church and 'were experimenting with different religions'.

'At the time, she said..the older children were helping take care of the younger children so her and David could sow the wild oats they didn't sow when they were younger,' Robinette says.

The Turpins were arrested a little more than a week ago after one of their thirteen children escaped the family's Perris home and called police to report that she and her sisters were being held against their will.

Cops raided the home and found the couple hastily untying several of the children, who were shackled to beds.

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Louise and David Turpin are pictured with their children at a vow renewal - one of the few times the kids were let out Louise eloped with David Turpin after he signed her out of school and drove them to Texas when she was 16.'She told me that her and David had met a man online from Huntsville, Alabama.