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Both Pepsi and Shirlie are in their mid-30s and live in north London SHIRLIE: I'd been friends with George and Andrew since school - I was the year above them. George was the organiser, Andrew had all the charisma - I went out with Andrew for two years. It must have been 1982 when I first met Pepsi, because I remember Wham!George used to make up all these dance routines which we'd do in nightclubs; we were either great or so bad that everybody cleared the floor. 's first single, "Bad Boys", had come out earlier that year.Rating: - His Flynn has stacks of charm but the 50-year-old gets fewer opportunities than he might like to try his hand at following Bob Fosse’s incomparable choreography. My voice goes a bit hoarse, but he and I know the work we have to accomplish.’ Wow factor: He was joined by his talented co-stars Sarah Soetaert and Josefina Gabrielle, who play Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly in the production, the roles portrayed by Renée Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones in the 2002 movie, respectively Gooding appeared on Broadway in Trip To Bountiful, but has not done much stage work since the early days of his career, when he did amateur theatre.This is probably the sexiest musical ever and remains the great, smouldering show that first arrived in London in 1997. He observed that Chicago, a musical about women who have been abused by the men in their lives, speaks to the #Me Too movement, which he supports because ‘it means we’re having a conversation’.‘There’s a certain apprehension,’ he added, ‘because you wonder whether a friend of yours will become implicated in some way.‘And it makes you think about your own behaviour.We had been looking for a backing singer to replace another girl, called DC Lee; Simon Napier-Bell, Wham! I was told to go and pick her up from the train station.In the car, she put on her tape and I was impressed by her voice.

He can bash out a melody slowly, but beyond that he loses detail, fudges notes, and hopes that his charming smile and knowingly cheap, cheery showmanship can get him through'. Certainly Gooding can move, although he is only really given the opportunity to show off anything resembling proper athletics in We Both Reached for the Gun and he does so with a showman’s chutzpah. He has a true voice – rasping and rather plaintive – but it is too often drowned out by the orchestra or contrasting unfavourably with the truly excellent ensemble. Shakespeare and all that,’ he said.‘I have had this interesting love affair with London and England, though I don’t know how London feels about me. I have a vocal coach, Eric Vetro.‘I’ve always had a strong voice but no control, so Eric has taught me how to breathe properly.In another big number, he advises Velma and Roxie to give the judge and jury a touch of ‘Razzle Dazzle’, to blind them from the truth. The 50-year-old Boyz n the Hood actor made his debut in the show, which has returned to London after 15 years on stage from 1997, yet his singing voice was widely panned by critics in his role as lawyer Billy Flynn Dapper: Cuba has assumed the role played by many, including Richard Gere in the Oscar winning 2002 movie, yet he managed to put his own spin of the smooth talking character, with London Theatre insisting he does possess 'suave pizzazz' We did it!Cuba has assumed the role played by many, including Richard Gere in the Oscar winning 2002 movie, yet he managed to put his own spin of the smooth talking character, with London Theatre insisting he does possess 'suave pizzazz'Although he plays a convincing character, critics were less convinced with Michael Billington for The Guardian, writing: I’m all for reviving old musicals, but this one has not been imaginatively rethought...Michael’s cousin Andros Georgiou said he had repeatedly begged the Careless Whisper singer to get help because he feared his addictions would eventually kill him, but that a series of rows had caused a rift between the two men.

Mr Georgiou, a childhood friend and former manager to the singer, wrote on Facebook: ‘My biggest fear has come true. Please someone tell me this is not true, Yog [Michael’s nickname] can’t be gone.’ The cousin wrote in the early hours of Boxing Day that he was ‘watching Sky News in disbelief’.The singer had recorded a single and was making a solo album, and had spoken to his former bandmates about a special one-off Wham! He revealed his plans to close friend Shirlie Holliman, who sang with Wham! She and her husband Martin Kemp, of Spandau Ballet, had been due to visit Michael on Boxing Day.

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