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On their return, the photographs would be available for purchase.Robinson’ were based in Scarborough and traded as White Bus.It is fascinating to speculate on the number of the bus in the photo, but someone with NCT knowledge may well know more about their fate than I do, although 590, from South Shields is a possibility, and it is known that several buses sold to breakers became "caravans" in the early post war years, so possibly it is one which was not sold by BCT !I have met Mr Haywood and corresponded with him about this.13/03/18 Robinson’s Charabanc I thought you may be interested in this old photograph of a family excursion on a Robinson’s ‘charabanc’ bus dated August 1925.

I believe that NCT did not place these 3 in service but am open to correction.590 was sold to South Shields in 1945, and the Bradford remainder were sold to "Dismantlers and Autowreckers" in February 1946, so it is possible that this caravan trolleybus could be any of the batch apart from 588, although I suspect its origin to be Newcastle. With regard the sale of Bradford trolleybuses to Newcastle in 1942, the following may be of interest.Bradford received 10 Sunbeam MF2s in 1942, from a wartime diverted South Africa order.Later I believe that he thinned his collection down and 77 moved on and I haven’t seen or heard of it since. Also at the same time that Tony purchased 77 another bid for the Park Royal-bodied Regent III former 1950 Show exhibit number 72 was unsuccessful, and it passed to an owner who I believe kept it at Carnforth.

I would be interested to know what became of 72 also.

And will be going to Morecambe this may 2018, it has taken lots of hard work and money. 73 is a fabulous bus, oozing character and style and I know that any vehicle Darren has had anything to do with will be a job well done.