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07-Oct-2020 15:55

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So every one had a good very of her breast al time. I was used to being naked in front when ever she give me a bath. I was bit lazy i used to wake up late around 11am and did not take bath daily. Now my own aunt was completly naked in front of me.

So it was not a surprise if she takes to bath room in front of my mom or my relatives.

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Initially my mom pushed her hand and said"what are you doing seema,are you alright"but my aunt knew what she was doing. Then my aunt while kissing my mom undid her saree and her petticoat and was rubbing moms pussy. With one hand she calledme near them and asked me to suck my moms pussy. I have many aunts and I had a aunt, seema,she was a nurse. She said"you lazy boy,come with me now" and she and she draged me to bathroom. My family thought since she was single and was very nice she saw me as her kid. One day it was breakfast time and every body were having break fas and were planning of going out as a family. Seeing this see said"wow you have grown up" and she started to give me a bath and she got wet as she was giving me a bath. Hello to all readers This is a true incedent and happened few years ago. We visit them often and since being a big family we had getto gethers and family functions often. Right from my child hood we(my family) used to visit our relatives in summer holidays. I felt bad ans said "no"i did take bath since 2 days. She did not wear a bra that day so her breast was clearly visible in her wet blouse. She then suddenly splashed a mug full of water on me which made her completly wet. Am i giving you a bath or takinga a bath" saying this she started to laugh.

I live in Colombo with my parents and i have relatives in Kandy and Galle. Suddely my aunt asked infront of every body if i had taken bath. So said he is going to remove her saree and she was now on her peticoat and blouse. I think she too got horney seeing my hard dick and made a plan.

So my mom said why do u watch such film it not good for you.

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