The detailsview fired event itemupdating which wasn dating and local singles personals

04-Dec-2020 13:05

I am having an issue not with the tab control but with controls that are dependant on the information it provides.The information provided is needed inorder to load subsuquent controls but this information is not available until after a click event is executed in the tab control, which occors after the page_Load() of the page the Tab Controls exists on.Sounds like a strange problem given that you're not getting any errors. I found that when I used a separate Details View that's permanently attached to the single-row data source everything works fine.I just make one dv visible to add and the other one to update and everything is swell.the point here that i have a commandfield to update data.the point here that when i click the update link the detailsview do not change to edit mode from the first click, i have to click the link twice to change the mode and the same thing for cancel link.

There will be a image for CATEGORIES and linkbuttons with Subcategories.

For example : Assume that my page contains a gridview control which is contains a button and the button name comes from database by gridview control but i wanna fire button control's own event independently of the Grid View. I am not a perfect programmer, but i have perfect programmers' habits [ i think so :)] Hi: You can use Command Argument to distinguish different buttons in the same column: Data presentation control in another Data presentation control Hello, I want to make a menu with datalist or gridview control.