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You have a difficult decision to make when choosing an online dating site.

To gain and edge on, you must answer the questions in a way that will match you with women that would be interested in you.

However quite a few people won't be able to use this site, much less want to pay the hefty fees (see below for membership costs).e Harmony is a Christian dating site, and although it doesn't advertise this fact anymore, they still have a couple of throwbacks to the system including the fact that some people just aren't welcome, and therefore those profiles are denied.

Not only do they tell you what you have to offer a relationship, they also tell you the kind of person you'd be the most compatible with.

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If you'd be happy for your Perfect Match story to feature in Take a Break, please click here to let us know.

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We will then get in touch with you direct to find out if your story is suitable…I was a bit nervous but I was excited at the prospect of meeting someone new.