Towards elucidating

11-Feb-2020 07:55

Work in this area is focused on developing models and interventions that can bring about human thriving in a sustainable way on a global scale.

Laszlo promotes work in this area through the Club of Budapest International Foundation, identified 49 Continuous Critical Problems (CCPs) that intertwine to generate the Global Problematique.

"Systems philosophy", in Ervin Laszlo's sense of the term, means using the systems perspective to model the nature of reality, and to use this to solve important human problems (Laszlo, 1972).

Laszlo developed the idea behind systems philosophy independently of von Bertalanffy's work on General System Theory (published in 1968), but they met before Introduction to Systems Philosophy was published and the decision to call the new discipline "systems philosophy" was their joint one.

and founding what is now the Leo Apostel Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in the Free University of Brussels.

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The Foreword was written by Ludwig von Bertalanffy.

They generated an influence map that identified leverage points for alleviating the global problematique.

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