Updating debian etch to lenny dating sites in vienna austria

02-Aug-2020 10:20

To prepare for the installer, we need to get to a point where the package system is in a clean state.Move the deb lenny main contrib non-free deb-src lenny main contrib non-free deb lenny/updates main deb-src lenny/updates main deb lenny/volatile main deb-src lenny/volatile main .Publishing an abbreviated version is fine, but why no mention of the release notes?They contain much information as to how to avoid problems up-front and what to do about problems should they arise.

updating debian etch to lenny-70

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But on the other hand you provided enough information to perform a successful upgrade.

Ensure that we do not have any packages on hold with: dpkg --audit dpkg --get-selections | grep hold No packages can be on hold.

For the final go ahead test use: aptitude Press and the list shows which packages need your attention.

Things will break, especially on upgrade, and you'll need to be able to fix them yourself -- as well as keep up with any security patches.

Better to let the Debian team make sure that your software works together.the exact version numbers and architecture and install it with: uname -r apt-get install linux-image-2.6.26-2-amd64 If the system is old like my laptop it would install with: apt-get install linux-image-2.6.26-2-686 Prepare for the new system: update-grub apt-get install udev Once previous steps have completed, it's time to restart the system: reboot When the system has restarted, continue with the full upgrade phase, download and upgrade: apt-get -d dist-upgradeapt-get dist-upgrade The latter will be interactive.

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