Updating escd phoenix award bios 6 0pg

26-Oct-2020 15:53

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download a diagnostic utility and burn it to a cd so you could use it to test your Hard drive upon boot; i used Cute partition manager for the Quantum and later active SMART (trial version).

my next Question which i am soliciting for advice is about the primary partition (see the long-awaited-maxtor-returns pic file) i don't want to burn out this Quantum as primary master drive C with all the Program files crammed to its measly 5.86Gb space. still clueless but 100% relieved and smiley when my wife and kid gets back home.

the "unexplained" errors i report to the tech shop where i bought the pc always end up with a reformat.

CTRL ALT DEL to restart" or " Disk boot failure insert system disk and press ENter" i considered the age of this rig and bought a new Li battery 3V for my CMOS battery.

so i brought home this , 9-year-old rig and although it is noisy compared to latest super hard drives, it did its job: poster boy for my maxtor while i was between giving up and refusing to believe that 2005 maxtor diamondplus would give up this early (a stark contrast to the 1999 Quantum HD i bought) so i attached my Lite On DVDwriter as secondary slave to a 40-pin ribbon cable to my SEC_IDE mobo slot, removed the floppy drive and its ribbon cable from the whole setup, attached the Quantum HD as primary master.

this setup went for almost a week until tonight when the house isn't bustling with family members i decided to reattach my maxtor one more time.

anyway, i was about to play my fav music and Miles sound system popped up in the open context menu (right_click option) and instead of choosing Media Player i clicked "Miles sound" 'cos i thought, Hey let's try how this Miles interface looks, after all, it's with Call of Duty 2" instead.

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SYMPTOMS: Right after i clicked that Miles sound option, my pc auto-restarted and after several attempts but POST msgs, i decided to reformat.that's when everything turned to be a reunion with my maxtor being identified in My Computer as drive: F since Quantum has been partitioned to C, D. i ran the active SMART and unlike Quantum, it ran a disk temperature monitor for Maxtor.

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